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1. Fostoria Glass Museum: A Victorian home featuring an extensive display of glassware produced by the Fostoria Glass Company during its many...  
2. Fenton Glass Museum & Theatre: If you like beautiful glass, you'll love this museum. Located at the same site as the Fenton gift shop, the museum ...  
3. Vandalia Gathering: The Vandalia Festival hosts some of the finest traditional Appalachian musicians for a weekend of great picking. Vi...  
4. Floating Capital: No, it's not a term for the latest financial trick that will blow the next trillion-dollar hole in our economy, but...  
5. Nature's Air Conditioned City: I grew up in Bluefield and it never really gets hot enough to swim outside even in the dead of summer.  
6. Stonewall Jackson: Formally known as Thomas Jonathan Jackson, Stonewall Jackson was a prominent Confederate general during the Civil W...  
7. Bill Mazeroski: One of the most famous Wheeling, WV natives, Bill Mazeroski is a Hall of Fame baseball player who spent his entire ...  
8. Mannington,WV: Mannington,WV area  
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James Farley, Postmaster under FDR, said in 1936, "There are 47 states in the Union, and the Soviet of Washington." He alluded to the leftist movements in the state, particularly in Seattle where labor movements occurred post WWI when unsatisfactory efforts were made to improve wages after war-time wage controls.

The old name for Albuquerque. The first 'r' was removed back in the 19th Century after Anglos had a hard time with the original Spanish pronunciation.

Vacuum cleaner.

A slower version of Southern hip hop that includes techniques like beat skips and record scratches, originating in Houston some time in the 1990s.

Refers to the extensive Internet resources offered by the Library of Congress.