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Wisconsin Taglines

  1. Land of the Largemouth Bass!
  2. Go Big Red!
  3. Dairyland USA
  4. Drinking Capital of the World!
  5. Pwning Minnesota since 1848
  6. You're Among Cows!
  7. Gateway to Canada
  8. Pwning Minnesota and Illinois since 1848
  9. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  10. Brats, Beer, Cheese
  11. Brats, Beer, Cheese
  12. Where you can show people where you're from on the palm of your right hand
  13. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  14. Best. State. Ever.
  15. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  16. Pwning Minnesota and Illinois since 1848
  17. Wisconsin is for (cheese) lovers
  18. My state can outdrink your state
Past Words of the Day

A nickname for Los Angeles, which has a large Iranian population, especially in West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.

Slang for Victorian houses with multi-colored schemes, such houses line many streets in San Francisco.

1. (noun) Wisconsin ATM network founded in the mid-1970s. TYME is an acronym for "Take Your Money Everywhere" and was rolled out with a mascot named Annie Tyme.

2. Tyme is a brand name of ATM services that has machines throughout the state of Wisconsin. Many locals in Milwaukee learned what a "Tyme Machine" was before knowing what an ATM was. Even worse, many locals don't even use the word ATM at all, making an ATM search often frustrating for visitors. "Oh, you mean a Tyme Machine?" Also, when Milwaukee natives search for ATMs elsewhere, the locals think they're looking for a "time machine." This does not help our reputation!

3. An ATM or Cash Machine in Milwaukee-speak. If strangers are around and they hear you say, "I need to go to the Tyme Machine", you might get some odd looks as they think you're referring to a time travel machine like in the movie Back to the Future.

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