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Wisconsin Taglines

  1. My state can outdrink your state
  2. Wisconsin is for (cheese) lovers
  3. Pwning Minnesota and Illinois since 1848
  4. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  5. Best. State. Ever.
  6. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  7. Where you can show people where you're from on the palm of your right hand
  8. Brats, Beer, Cheese
  9. Brats, Beer, Cheese
  10. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  11. Pwning Minnesota and Illinois since 1848
  12. Gateway to Canada
  13. You're Among Cows!
  14. Pwning Minnesota since 1848
  15. Drinking Capital of the World!
  16. Dairyland USA
  17. Go Big Red!
  18. Land of the Largemouth Bass!
Past Words of the Day

The correct reference to Pleasant Valley. Friends don't let friends move to west LR.

1. Country ham drippings and black coffee, made into a gravy, also called Poor Man's Gravy.

2. Gravy made from instant coffee and ham grease. It probably tastes better than it sounds, but the non-Alabama native may opt to take someone else's word for it.

32 ounces of soda, normally obtained at a drive-thru window at a gas station. "Let's drive-thru for some 32s"

A nickname for Portland given by none other than George Bush and his staff. Every time he would visit there would be such protests and demonstrations that he did not return to Portland when seeking reelection in 2004; but sent other staff members to gain support.

A play on Alex Rodriguez's nickname, "A-Rod". Rodriguez first got the nickname after signing an excessive $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers for ten years, starting in 2001. The nickname has followed him to the New York Yankees, where he was traded in 2004. His 2008 salary was $28,000,000.