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Wisconsin Taglines

  1. My state can outdrink your state
  2. Wisconsin is for (cheese) lovers
  3. Pwning Minnesota and Illinois since 1848
  4. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  5. Best. State. Ever.
  6. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  7. Where you can show people where you're from on the palm of your right hand
  8. Brats, Beer, Cheese
  9. Brats, Beer, Cheese
  10. Where happy cows are REALLY from
  11. Pwning Minnesota and Illinois since 1848
  12. Gateway to Canada
  13. You're Among Cows!
  14. Pwning Minnesota since 1848
  15. Drinking Capital of the World!
  16. Dairyland USA
  17. Go Big Red!
  18. Land of the Largemouth Bass!
Past Words of the Day

A reference to the relatively laid-back pace of the city.

A rodent that comprises an important segment of the fur trade in Louisiana but is generally considered a pest elsewhere.

Punxsatawney Phil is actually Pennsylvania's version of Jimmy the Groundhog. After all, Sun Prairie is the Groundhog Capital of the World.

A nickname for St. Louis, originating in the Native American burial mounds that were once common to the city.

free snacks served in bowls or baskets (i.e., peanuts, chips, popcorn), usually set out on the bar; drinking leads to frequent trips to the restroom, where patrons may not have washed their hands previous to dipping them in the snacks