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1. Horebian: A Horebian is a resident of Mt. Horeb.  
2. Troll Capital of the World: A nickname for Mount Horeb. The name is a result of the many troll statues situated along Main Street and that also...  
3. Trollway: The Trollway is the name for the main drag in Mount Horeb. It bears this name because it bears many troll statues d...  
1. Grumpy Troll Brew Pub, The: Great people, good beer and a great place to meet friends
2. Sole Sapori: A Sicilian restaurant in downtown Mt. Horeb.
3. Main Street Pub & Grill
1. Thirsty Troll: An annual beer festival that showcases many local and regional "micro" breweries.  
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"Horebly Underrated" Edit | History
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