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My favorite 2009 Milwaukee Brewers players

by madmax on July 15 2009

Author Description: "I might end up listing the entire team, but I'll try to narrow it down to the players I enjoy watching the most."

1. Prince Fielder All-star first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers who eclipsed the 50 home run mark in the 2007 season. Prince is son of ...
Author Comment: "I hate to start off with the most obvious, but Fielder is the man. His huge upper-cut lefty swing is quite imposing. He put on an impressive show during his 2009 Home Run Derby win, smashing four out of the top five longest blasts."
2. Yovani Gallardo Yovani Gallardo is a Mexican-born pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. He emerged in 2009 as the team's ace.
Author Comment: "Yovani is the Brewers best pitcher and is great to watch if you want to see a pitcher's duel."
3. Ryan Braun Ryan Braun is the current left-fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Braun signed a 7 year, $45 million contract in 2008 wh...
Author Comment: "Braun is right up there with Prince Fielder as the best player on the team. His hitting has always been amazing, and his fielding is actually pretty good now (even though he still kind of looks out of place in the outfield)."
4. Trevor Hoffman The all-time saves leader in the Major Leagues and the Milwaukee Brewers star closer starting in 2009.
Author Comment: "I never thought that a two-pitch pitcher would be considered exciting to watch, but the all-time saves leader is so dominating it's amazing to see him fanning people with a change-up."
5. Casey McGehee McGehee started with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2009 and has played both second- and third base for the ball club.
Author Comment: "It was tough rooting for an ex-Cub at first, but McGehee has more than pulled his weight for Milwaukee in 2009, hitting well above .300 and coming up with some clutch hits."
6. Mike Cameron Mike Cameron found his home with the Brewers in 2008 as their centerfielder.
Author Comment: "Cameron is one of the best outfielders in the game and has a powerful--although often inconsistent--bat."
7. Corey Hart Corey Hart joined the Milwaukee Brewers in 2004 and has been a solid contributor for several years in right field.
Author Comment: "Corey Hart is an old school player that will do just about anything for you. He can hit base hits, hit home runs, steal a few bases, even lay down a good bunt."
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