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Milwaukee Streets

1. Old World Third Street: Old World Third Street is a historic German neighborhood. In this area you'll fine Usingers Sausage and Maders G...
2. Highway "A-hunnert": Less commonly referred to as Highway 100, running through West Allis and Hales Corners.  
3. Stop and Go Light: Crystal's made up word for a stop light.  
4. Water Street: Water Street is the main north/south street running through downtown Milwaukee. When one refers to "Water Street",...  
5. I-94: The interstate that runs west of Milwaukee toward Madison.  
6. KK: The nickname for the Kinnickinnic River.  
7. Chach: A "chach" or "chachy" is a derogatory for a person of the fraternity persuasion who generally hangs out on water st...  
8. Brady Street: A unique street known for its bohemian culture and ethnic diversity. Brady Street has lots of shops, restaurants, b...
9. bubbler: A water fountain for personal drinking.  
Milwaukee Tagline
"Brew City" Edit | History