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Milwaukee Shopping

1. Waterford Wine Co.
2. Annie's Second Hand Chic
3. Dragonfly Vintage Goods
4. Art Smart's Dart Mart and Juggling Emporium: An awesome place to get your frolfs.( Frisbee Golfing) quite popular in the wisconsin area
5. Glorioso's
6. Out of Solitude Jewelry
7. Brady Street Hardware
8. Greenfields: A small but bountiful trendy shop on Milwaukee's East Side (Farwell & Royall). Sells everything MKE's hipsters need...  
9. Uncommon Items
10. Yellow Jacket Vintage Clothing
11. Miss Groove
12. Sweet Kicks Shoe Store
13. Petaluna Flowers & Gifts
14. Sweetest Day: A holiday, similar to Valentine's Day, celebrated the third Saturday in October. This holiday was invented by cand...  
15. Goldmann's Department Store: Goldmann's Department Store, formerly located on Historic Mitchell Street, was one of the last surviving local depa...  
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Milwaukee Tagline
"Brew City" Edit | History