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1. Middletonian: What someone from Middleton would be called.  
2. good neighbor City., The: Middleton's "general" tag line.  
1. Capital Brewery: Located in Middleton, Wisconsin, Capital Brewery is the brewer of many fine beers like Wisconsin Amber and Capital ...
2. Hubbard Avenue Diner: One of Food Fight's various restaurants in the Madison area (this one of course is in Middleton). Hubbard Diner is ...  
3. Scatz Sports Bar: Scatz, not to be confused with scat, which is animal excrement.  
1. Good Neighbor Festival: An annual community festival that is held at Fireman's Park in Middleton. The festival features a carnival, enterta...  
Middleton Tagline
"Middleton... it's better here!" Edit | History
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