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Willy Street

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Word Category: Streets
6 Definitions
  1. The use of "Willy Street" to describe Williamson Street originates with Madison cab dispatchers. Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 18, 2008 (3) (0)
  2. Willy street as you pass through might seem a little rough around the edge's, it is a very warm and exciting neighborhood. There are many characters, you get to know the people for who they are and except it for that. I love willy street! (also known as, granola-ville) Posted by: punkrokpnut on Jul 13, 2008 (2) (0)
  3. Willy Street is short for Williamson Street, home to one of the "hippiest" neighborhoods in Madison, located on the Near East side. In this neighborhood you have the Willy Street Co-op, Jolly Bob's Jerk Joint, a good Caribbean restaurant and bar, as well as other cool hangouts, such as the Weary Traveler. This bar has board games to play while you're drinking with your friends. Posted by: terracebum on Apr 04, 2008 (1) (0)
  4. Willy Street is sometimes also used to refer to the Williamson street Co-op that is located on Williamson street.
    Example: I'm going to Willy street, do you want anything? Posted by: EarlCameron on Jul 04, 2008 (1) (1)
  5. Willy Street is the nickname for Williamson Street in Madison. The street is well-known as a haven for liberal hippie-types. In recent years some of the more dilapidated homes have been replaced by newer condos. Posted by: madtown88 on Apr 25, 2008 (1) (1)
  6. The main drag in Madison's Marquette Neighborhood. Willy Street is lined with houses, condos, cafes, restaurants, great bars, and all sorts of stores for the hippie crowd. Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 13, 2008 (0) (1)
Willy Street
Willy Street
Posted by: madmax
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