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Tyme Machine

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  1. ATMs in southern Wisconsin used to run under the brand Take Your Money Everywhere or TYME. The iconic machines were known as Tyme Machines instead of ATMs. They were notorious for "closing" with a sliding iron door coming down just when one needed to make a withdrawal. Visitors likely believed the worst of Madison's detractors when locals asked "Is the Tyme machine open?" Posted by: JohnAM on Jul 16, 2008 (10) (0)
  2. This is Madison speak for ATM. Many newcomers are puzzled when an old-school Wisconsinite asks them for a "Tyme machine." Posted by: madmax on Jul 13, 2008 (5) (0)
  3. It wasn't just southern wisconsin, it was most of if not all of the state. Before there were debit cards, there were Tyme cards! Posted by: Native on Jan 06, 2009 (2) (0)
  4. The first ATMs were brought to Milwaukee through the M&I Bank. The president of M&I at the time was Dennis Keuster. He had the foresight to see that this would revolutionize banking. Posted by: momx6plus on Jul 16, 2008 (3) (1)
  5. To out of state folks "TYME machine" sounds like a "time machine". If you leave the state and ask for a TYME machine you will likely be given a blank stare. To us it is the generic term for a cash machine, to everyone else it is a futuristic machine that doesn't exist. Posted by: strudelwagon on Jul 14, 2008 (3) (1)
  6. Its funny. Because my older sister used to date this guy, his job was repairing Tyme Machines. Well, he started stealing money from them, 4 or 5 times.. went on the run. The media then dubbed him the "TYME BANDIT" He turned himself in 2 months later. Recieved 5 years in prison, served 2.5. He stole a total of $120,000 !! Posted by: Roxas86 on Mar 10, 2018 (1) (0)
  7. I had a TYME card for my First Wisconsin account when I was a student at UW. When I first received the card there were three locations in Madison. I think this was 1977. In 1979, after graduating, I interviewed with TYME network (I believe it was a consortium of major banks which pooled together to own the common network) at the First Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. Several days later they called to offer me the job, and in that phone call they mentioned the starting compensation, for the first time. It was so miniscule, I laughed, insisted there must have been a mistake, and hung up. Posted by: EmilBlatz on Feb 20, 2017 (0) (0)
  8. i had relatives visiting and told them i needed to get some cash and would be right back after i went to the tyme machine. they said "YOU HAVE A TIME MACHINE?" we all laughed they had never heard of it they were from Kansas Posted by: marie on Apr 02, 2010 (0) (0)
  9. I have an old photo of myself from one of the first promo pieces that was mailed to bank customers. I still catch myself saying "TYME" which is also an age giveaway. Posted by: Anonymous on Jan 13, 2010 (0) (0)
  10. A heterograph of "time machine", which has the same pronunciation, but different spelling and meaning. Beware the Tyme Machine confusion in Wisconsin. Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 13, 2009 (0) (1)
Tyme is money, as the old Tyme slogan went...
Tyme is money, as the old Tyme slogan went...
Posted by: madmax
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Insert your card into the Tyme machine and type in your four-digit pin, which corresponds to the year to which you'll be zapped.
Insert your card into the Tyme machine and type in your four-digit pin, which corresponds to the year to which you'll be zapped.
Posted by: madmax
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Tyme Machine Humor
Here's a Milwaukee native doing a stand-up bit on the difficulties of finding Tyme machines and bubblers in other states.

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