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Terrace, The

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800 Langdon St
Madison, WI 53706
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6 Definitions
  1. In Madison, the phrase "The Terrace" typically means the Memorial Union Terrace. However, if you were never a UW student, this can also be confused with the Monona Terrace on the other side of the Isthmus. Granted, most locals wont' confuse this, but someone from out of town may be much more familiar with the Monona Terrace. Posted by: strudelwagon on Apr 09, 2008 (7) (2)
  2. Don't try to drink on the terrace if you're not 21. You WILL get a ticket, because I speak from experience. Look around the next time you're there and you'll see people walking around with flash lights checking ID's. Posted by: htamuda on Jul 08, 2008 (2) (0)
  3. The terrace is "the" summer hangout in Madison. On a nice day the terrace will be packed. Whenever I go there I see at least a few people I know, making Madison seem a bit smaller than it actually is. On weekend nights in the summer the terrace typically hosts musicians, both local and from other parts of the country. Acts include Pat McCurdy, Natty Nation, as well as a recent local hip-hop/dance youth group, Dane Dances. Posted by: uwmad09 on Aug 19, 2008 (1) (0)
  4. This is Madison speak for the Memorial Union Terrace that's on Lake Mendota. This gorgeous shoreline area of Lake Mendota is also part of the only campus union in the United States that allows its patrons, whether students or not, to purchase and drink alcohol. Heck, things are so laissez-faire at the terrace that you could easily get away with underage drinking because it's a large, out-in-the-open place where they don't card for admission. (It's an outdoor public place.) This is one of Madison's most scenic locations and is one of the city's most popular hangouts, especially in the summer. Posted by: madmax on Apr 05, 2008 (6) (5)
  5. Definitely do not drink there underage - and if you do get caught, do not give them your give-away fake if you get carded as you do not have to show an ID to get in there... This happened to me, and my friends and we got tickets for fake ids and underage drinking... Posted by: kate925 on Jul 28, 2008 (0) (1)
  6. Local rapping icon R. Fury had to run from the terrace as an ID checker tried to bust him for underage drinking. During the chase, the so called "bouncer" hit his head on a tree branch and never caught the notorious Ra. The "bouncer" had to go to the hospital. Take that. Posted by: h1yaaaguy on Jul 17, 2008 (1) (2)
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The music stage and a view of sailboats in the background.
The music stage and a view of sailboats in the background.
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