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  1. A Wisconsinite or anything Wisconsin-like. Posted by: uwmad09 on Aug 06, 2008 (1) (6)
  2. Although many naysayers are correct in saying that "Sconnie" is not a term often used by real Wisconsinites, it is certainly a legitimate term, as it is used in other states in reference to Wisconsinites. In Michigan, a Sconnie is someone from Wisconsin. Posted by: terracebum on Jul 07, 2008 (4) (9)
  3. Antonym: Coastie Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 18, 2010 (0) (6)
  4. Flatlander: One living in the land of tolls south of the WI border Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 24, 2010 (0) (7)
  5. Sconnie is 1) most commonly a Wisconsin lifestyle brand and 2) less commonly an adjective to mean Wisconsinite or Wisconsin-like. Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 01, 2009 (1) (8)
  6. Sconnie is best known as the Wisconsin moniker brought mainstream by Sconnie Nation, a local Madison t-shirt company. They recently released a t-shirt that reads: "We'll never forget you, Brent." (This refers to the traitor and former Green Bay Packer, Brett Favre.) Posted by: Anonymous on Jun 30, 2009 (1) (8)
  7. Sconnie wasn't made up to sell t-shirts as falsely indicated below. It's a term used widely in other states to reference
    Wisconsinites, including Michigan, but ranging much farther in popularity than states Wisconsin shares a border with. If you are from Wisconsin and living in another state, and your name is Jonathan/John/Jon/Jonny/Johnny/Jonnie, or Don, Ron, anything that rhymes with these, there's a good chance you're referred to as Sconnie Johnny/Ronny/Donny. Posted by: jurbur on Jul 08, 2008 (2) (9)
  8. A term that Michiganders use for people from Wisconsin. Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 12, 2009 (1) (9)
  9. I beg to differ: my friends and I were using the term "Sconnie" during college in Madison in the 80's. I first heard it from a good friend who hailed from Oshkosh. He now lives in Seattle, and we bought some of the original Sconnie Nation sweatshirts several years ago and had a reunion, specifically to mourn the fact the WE didn't copyright the term. The Sconnie Nation owners can confirm this. Posted by: DrMom on Jul 23, 2008 (2) (10)
  10. Those who say it's not Madison slang--ironically enough--tend to talk about it a lot. Whether you speak of it in disparaging terms or not, it HAS made its way into local language. Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 11, 2008 (2) (11)
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The signature
The signature "Sconnie" t-shirt design from Sconnie Nation
Posted by: madtown88
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What is a Sconnie?
Sconnie tutorial from the guys at Sconnie Nation

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