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  1. The fact that this term is allegedly used by people of other states does not make it local Madison slang. I have never heard a local use this term. And had this term not been used to sell t shirts, it would have remained in other state obscurity. Posted by: sieve on Aug 21, 2008 (12) (3)
  2. A bogus term made up to sell t-shirts. True Wisconsinites will confirm that no one from Wisconsin uses this term to refer to each other. Posted by: madnick on Jul 03, 2008 (15) (7)
  3. I lived in Madison from 1993 to 1999 (1993-98 at UW) and never heard this term until at least several years later. Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 05, 2010 (7) (0)
  4. ooo, another made up slang term. Sconnie. Like Frisco. Or Chi-town. Never ever used by the locals. Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 06, 2009 (8) (1)
  5. I lived on WI/MI border while growing up and NEVER heard a Michigander call us Sconnies EVER! I now live in NV and no one has ever referred to Wisconsinites as Sconnies. Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 01, 2009 (8) (1)
  6. i lived in WI for 25 years and never heard of this term before Posted by: eroww on Sep 03, 2009 (8) (1)
  7. No one in Michigan calls people from Wisconsin "Sconnie." That's crazy talk. Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 18, 2009 (6) (0)
  8. A word that was fabricated and hyped to sell T shirts. Locals do not use this word to describe Wisconsinites or anything from Wisconsin. Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 15, 2011 (5) (0)
  9. The name of a a local t-shirt company Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 15, 2011 (4) (0)
  10. I grew up in MN and we used to always say: We're heading to Sconnie for a beer run, or whatever we were going to do there. It was a reference to the state not the people. Posted by: Minnesoldier on Aug 18, 2015 (1) (0)
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The signature
The signature "Sconnie" t-shirt design from Sconnie Nation
Posted by: madtown88
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What is a Sconnie?
Sconnie tutorial from the guys at Sconnie Nation

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