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Sconnie Nation

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521 State St
Madison, WI 53703
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Word Categories: Businesses, Shopping
Related Words: Sconnie, Underground Printing (Add)
6 Definitions
  1. I've lived 34 of my 35 years in Wisconsin, and 33 of those in the Madison area. I've NEVER heard anyone from Wisconsin call themselves a "Sconnie"... Posted by: natty on Jul 02, 2008 (10) (6)
  2. Sconnie Nation is the Wisconsin lifestyle business founded by two UW-Madison students, Troy Vosseller and Ben Fiechtner. They sell "Sconnie" branded apparel, including the famous Sconnie signature tee that is red and says Sconnie in white capital letters across the chest. They now have a storefront on State Street and do custom screen printing through Underground Printing. Posted by: terracebum on Apr 04, 2008 (7) (3)
  3. Two former students of the UW ripping off people in this town by convincing them that "Sconnie" is actually a true term for people form this state. Any true Wisconsinite has their most popular "design," the white collegiate letters on a red shirt, in its true form: Official University Label and "Wisconsin" spelled out on the front. Also, any true Wisconsinite probably owns at least five of these shirts. Don't be fooled, hit up Steve & Barry's for the true gear. Posted by: madnick on Jul 03, 2008 (6) (3)
  4. A business started by two UW students in their Lakeshore dorm room. They had a handful of t-shirts made that donned the original Sconnie logo and soon sold them all to friends in the dorm. Seizing the opportunity, they trademarked the term "Sconnie" and started spreading the word--and their t-shirts--around Madison. Sconnie Nation now sells its t-shirts outside Badger sporting events, on its website, at its State Street store, and at the University Bookstore. Posted by: madmax on Nov 12, 2008 (2) (1)
  5. Um... I've lived in Wisconsin since birth and I proudly consider myself a Sconnie!

    (better than being a Coastie...) Posted by: bbadger on Jul 10, 2008 (3) (2)
  6. A company trying to push "Sconnie" as a word describing people from Wisconsin. No self-respecting Wisconsinite would ever call themselves a "Sconnie." Nevertheless, they sell shirts with this all over the place. Posted by: creamboat on Jun 30, 2008 (6) (6)
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