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Red Shed, The

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406 N Frances St
Madison, WI 53703
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Word Category: Restaurants & Bars
Related Words: Wando's (Add)
7 Definitions
  1. A hole in the wall bar famous for long island ice teas served in a mason jar. Nowhere else can you get a huge serving of booze with splash of coke for only $6. Posted by: mamcdermid on Jul 10, 2008 (3) (0)
  2. Selected as the "best dive bar" or the "dirtiest dive bar" by the UW student newspaper "The Badger Herald," the Red Shed is a great little bar frequented by people from all walks of bar life. "The Shed" is known for its gigantic (and strong) Long Island Iced Teas dubbed "The Real Thing." Go to the Red Shed for a chill good time with your friends. Posted by: tofer on Apr 17, 2008 (3) (0)
  3. Famous for two things, the Long Island Iced Tea and a tiny bathroom with a long line. Posted by: strudelwagon on Jun 18, 2008 (2) (0)
  4. Home of the Real Thing, a large, potent Long Island served in a jar. The Red Shed is a nice dive bar on campus. It is often quite empty, and thus a chill place to play darts or watch a game. However, beware that late on weekend nights this place gets smelly and sweaty from the undergrads that pack themselves in like sardines. Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 01, 2009 (0) (0)
  5. Nickel beers in the afternoon was a classic stop for most of use looking for a good deal. It made studying differential equations and thermodynamics more interesting after a stop for $0.05 beers. Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 28, 2009 (0) (0)
  6. Also one of the few bars in town to play foosball. Definitely good Long Islands like mentioned in another definition. Posted by: tsquar on Jul 10, 2008 (2) (2)
  7. Known for Long Island Iced Tea. Posted by: Anonymous on Feb 28, 2014 (0) (1)
The Red Shed entrance seen from Frances Street
The Red Shed entrance seen from Frances Street
Posted by: madmax
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