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Marquette Neighborhood

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Word Category: Neighborhoods
Related Words: Willy Street, Granolaville (Add)
3 Definitions
  1. The Marquette Neighborhood is known throughout the region for its eclectic residents, historic architecture, fine restaurants, night life and shopping district on Williamson St. It's nestled between Blair St. on the West, East Washington Ave. on the North, Division St. on the East and the scenic shore of Lake Monona on the South. Orton Park (Madison's oldest park), lakefront Yahara Place Park, the future Central Park, BB Clark Beach and the Yahara River Parkway add to our recreational options. The Isthmus Bike Trail and the numerous restored bridges across the Yahara River make a pleasant pedal or stroll incredibly scenic and convenient. The quaint two block Bungalow District is a designated National Historic Site.

    The activist Marquette Neighborhood Assoc. was established in 1969 as Madison’s first association with an elected Board and card-carrying membership. MNA is responsible for two multi-day festivals - the Marquette Waterfront Festival and the Orton Park Festival Weekend, a mid-winter Chili Dinner/Dance and a 7-week free summer camp-the Eastside Express. The Williamson/ Marquette Gazette is our neighborhood newsletter that is put together in cooperation with the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center and Common Wealth Development Co. staffs. “Where everyone is welcome” is our neighborhood motto and we invite you to come and enjoy our hospitality. Posted by: madtown88 on Apr 17, 2008 (2) (0)
  2. Perhaps the funnest and friendliest of all Madison neighborhoods. The Willy Street area might not be for you if you're averse to hippies, but it's a great place to be with cultural events going on all the time. Posted by: Anonymous on Sep 14, 2009 (1) (0)
  3. Also referred to as the Willy Street neighborhood because Williamson Street forms the backbone--and main drag--of this fun little area. Renowned for its hippie culture, the Marquette Neighborhood is chill, friendly, and fashionably undecorated. Posted by: madmax on Sep 08, 2009 (0) (0)
Willy Street is lined with plenty of gorgeous vegetation. This makes the earthy residents happy.
Willy Street is lined with plenty of gorgeous vegetation. This makes the earthy residents happy.
Posted by: madmax
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The sign for the Marquette Neighborhood at the beginning of Williamson (Willy) Street.
The sign for the Marquette Neighborhood at the beginning of Williamson (Willy) Street.
Posted by: madmax
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