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Madison Mallards

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3 Definitions
  1. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, the Mallards are a Northwoods League baseball team. They play their home games at Warner Park. The Mallards are one of fourteen members of the Northwoods League, a summer collegiate league which provides an outlet for the best college players in the country to spend their summers and display their talents to professional scouts. They play 68 games between June 1st and August 15th. Posted by: madtown88 on Apr 17, 2008 (0) (0)
  2. How do I get a ticket to Sat. 5-22 game with Packer players? Posted by: Anonymous on May 18, 2010 (0) (1)
  3. The Mallards' stadium is often graced by the presence of a mobile carnival/amusement park - with plenty of rides and concession stands to collectively fill you up and empty you out again, as many times as you please! No, seriously, though - the carnival shows up around the time of Rhythm and Booms (see dictionary entry) which occurs nextdoor in the Warner Park field. The Mallards is home to a variety of mascots - including two ducks and a dog named "Bonehead" - brought to life by a good high school friend of mine. Bonehead has been known to be propositioned for inappropriate photos by good-looking college girls with large, nasty, beer-drinking boyfriends. You can guess what kind of position they were asking for. Please don't do this. Bonehead has feelings, too. But he can, and will, promptly take you out with his giant dog-head. The other two mascots are named Manyard and Millie. Millie is my favorite. She's hot. ;) Posted by: davidjacobeve on Jul 05, 2008 (0) (1)
Looking down the right field line at a Mallards game (from the Duck Blind section)
Looking down the right field line at a Mallards game (from the Duck Blind section)
Posted by: madmax
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Madison Mallard stare-down
Madison Mallard stare-down
Posted by: madmax
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Gary Coleman at Madison Mallards Game
Gary Coleman, as a special Mallards guest, gets his first minor league at-bat.

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