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Stuff about Madison that many locals don't even know

by madmax on July 16 2009

Author Description: "The Madison Dictionary seems to have several local terms that get the "I've lived here for 30 years and have never heard that" response. Here are a few that seem to get this reaction most often."

1. Circle of Death The road that circumnavigates the parking lot at Madison's West Towne Mall. Lanes are created and then merge together wi...
Author Comment: "This terms was featured in a Capital Times article a while back and was met with skepticism, bordering on total outrage. Apparently, a minority of people use "Circle of Death" to mean the parking lot at West or East Towne Mall. Most people know it as a card game, but I still think it's an apt description of those horrible parking lots."
2. Bone Zone Speedway, a road that runs between two cemeteries connecting Regent Street to Mineral Point Road.
Author Comment: "This must be my favorite Madison Dictionary entry, but one that very few people use. It started out as cab dispatcher lingo for Speedway, but has now spread to some of the cooler people in Madison. Some resist it, but what else are you going to call a road that runs through two cemeteries? Speedway? Boooring."
3. Leaky Beer The culmination of all run off and spillage from the beer vendors at a Madison Mallards game. The extra beer runs down a...
Author Comment: "I love educating people on this one. Leaky Beer is refuse from the beer vendors at Madison Mallards games that accumulates in a bucket. I don't show people how to drink it, but I at least tell them what it is. Gross."
4. Virgin Vault The virgin vault was the former all-female Elizabeth Waters dormitory at the University of Wisconsin. It has recently be...
Author Comment: "Since it went co-ed, most young Madisonians are unaware of Liz Waters' previous status as an all-girl dormitory."
5. Chastity Chad Former nickname of Chadbourne Hall, a UW-Madison dorm that until the mid 1990s was female only.
Author Comment: "Same goes for Chadbourne Hall as for "Virgin Vault""