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by Anonymous on July 20 2009

Author Description: "Not all media are worth your cherished eyeball time. Here are a few publications in Madison that deserve your attention, in my humble opinion. Sorry if I leave out some important media types or genres, but I don't listen to radio or read women's magazines."

1. Capital Times, The Once known as the daily afternoon newspaper of Madison, Wisconsin, the Capital Times will be shifting to a primarily onl...
Author Comment: "It isn't the greatest, but I enjoy the online version of the Cap Times much better than the WSJ on Cap Times is simply more web-savvy...and is a bit more progressive, which bodes well for my own taste."
2. Onion, The Originally founded by two UW-Madison undergrad students in 1988, The Onion is "America's Finest (fake) News Source." The...
Author Comment: "I know, I know, it's now published in New York, but the Onion started in Madison, and you better remember that! The Onion must be the absolute funniest source of news, even when compared against the likes of Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show"."
3. Isthmus Normally a small strip of land that separates two bodies of water, 'isthmus' often refers to the city of Madison itself,...
Author Comment: ""The Isthmus", as its referred to locally, is a free weekly publication that has its hand on the cultural pulse of Madison."
4. Daily Cardinal, The The Daily Cardinal is one of the two main student newspapers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The paper traces it...
Author Comment: "In my opinion, the better of the two major student publications at the UW."
5. In Business A local business magazine for the greater Madison area. The publication recently revamped its website to include videos ...
Author Comment: "As a big fan of digital media, it has took me a while to come around on "In Business" because their website has sucked until recently. With the launch of a better design, full articles, and richer media--they are now a serious contender for my eyeball attention."