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Good food in Madison at a reasonable price

by madmax on July 22 2009

Author Description: "I'm a value seeker when it comes to restaurants. Here are a few restaurants that offer good quality at a price that won't put you in (or deeper into) the poor house."

1. Za's Italian Cafe Za's is an excellent place for Italian food on State Street. Za's serves fast-casual Italian food, not to be confused wi...
Author Comment: "Za's is a great fast casual option. The portions are much larger than at Noodles for about the same price. They don't skimp on the sauce and include garlic bread with their noodle dishes."
2. Five Guys Burgers and Fries A great burger joint that has its roots in the DC area, but opened up a restaurant in Madison in March of 2008. Ingredie...
Author Comment: "Five Guys is a pretty economical place if you hold off on getting fries and a drink. In my opinion, the burger is the only thing worthwhile. It's the best burger in a town that isn't known for its burgers."
3. Ian's Pizza A pizza place that sells everything from black bean pizza to macaroni and cheese pizza. This very popular pizza place ha...
Author Comment: "They raised their prices to $3.50 for a specialty slice, but that's still relatively cheap if you can make a meal out of a single slice."
4. Noodles Short for Noodles & Company, a pioneer in the fast casual food segment. Noodles opened up its second ever restaurant in ...
Author Comment: "As implied above, I actually prefer Za's, but Noodles is still good quality and they allow you to scale down your order to a smaller portion if that's all you need. Even with the regular portion, the noodle dish itself only costs you $5-$7 (depending on any meat you include)."
5. Great Dane, The A brew pub restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin that brews its own great-tasting beers. The food is quite good and the atmos...
Author Comment: "If you can hold off on ordering a delicious microbrew, you can get away with buying a relatively cheap burger for about $7-$8. Plus, the great atmosphere and diverse menu makes the Dane great for dates or large groups."