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Favorite athletes in recent Badger history

by Anonymous on July 22 2009

Author Description: "I have been a huge Badger fan ever since the football team won the Rose Bowl in 1994. Here are some of my favorite UW athletes since then."

1. Brent Moss Brent Moss, a Racine native, took the Badgers to the 1994 Rose Bowl with his great north-south running. Moss was voted B...
Author Comment: "Brent Moss may not have had such a stellar NFL career, but he was a great north-south runner for the Badgers, giving you 100+ yards every game."
2. Terrell Fletcher Terrell Fletcher was one of the two great running backs (Brent Moss being the other) on the 1994 Badger Rose Bowl team t...
Author Comment: "Terrell Fletcher was the flashier of the two-headed running attack for the 1993 Rose Bowl-winning team. He fared better in the NFL as a third-down back and punt/kick returner."
3. Anthony Davis Anthony Davis was a great running back for the Wisconsin Badgers, playing a full four years. He was drafted in the seven...
Author Comment: "Overshadowed by his predecessors Ron Dayne and Michael Bennett, Anthony Davis is perhaps the most underrated UW football player in recent history. He was every bit as quick off the ball as Michael Bennett, but had much better vision and got the ball up the field efficiently."
4. Devin Harris Former star point guard for the Wisconsin Badgers, now an All-Star point guard for the New Jersey Nets.
Author Comment: "Devin Harris was mad-good (no pun intended) as UW's point guard. He got progressively better as the years went on, and continues to impress people as an NBA star. I think he would be #1 on my list if he had stuck around for his senior season. The Badgers would have gone quite far in the tournament with him at the helm."
5. Alando Tucker Alando Tucker was a star forward for the Badger basketball team and is currently with the Phoenix Suns.
Author Comment: "Tucker had mad hops (again, no pun intended) while he was playing with the Badgers. Although plagued with leg injuries during his career, he had an awesome senior year and nearly got Player of the Year honors for the NCAA. He also happens to be a stand-up guy from what I can see."
6. Jim Leonhard Not true on the journeyman status. Rex Ryan brought him from the Baltimore Ravens when hired as NYJ HC. Leonard has star...
Author Comment: "Jimmy Leonhard was a fan favorite at the UW because of his solid tackling skills and electrifying punt returns."
7. Lee Evans Lee Evans is one of the most decorated Badger wide receivers of all time. He has the Badger record for career touchdown ...
Author Comment: "Crazy good receiver who deserves great respect for coming back from a devastating knee injury to finish off his college career and excel in the NFL."