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Favorite Places to Grab a Bite in Madison

by sweeperq on October 12 2009

Author Description: "List of my favorite places to grab a bite in the Mad Town [in no particular order]"

1. BW3's Buffalo Wild Wings is a New York-style wings place started by a couple of guys from Buffalo who wanted to spread the win...
Author Comment: "Love the wings, but enjoy the grilled chicken wrap with parmesan garlic sauce even more!"
2. Red Robin Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is one of my favorite places to grab a burger. Sick of the traditional burger topped with onl...
Author Comment: "Can't go wrong with a Burger Royale (who doesn't like an egg on their burger?) and a Monster Raspberry Milkshake."
3. Qdoba Mexican Grill When Q-Doba was Z-Teca, it was known for employees familiar to the rave scene. People with lots of piercings and tattoos...
Author Comment: "Used to love Taco Bell until I found this place. My favorite menu item used to be the Chicken Fajita Classica. Now I have to special order it because it is no longer on the menu. If you've never been there the food is quite similar to Chipotle."
4. Famous Dave's Famous Dave's is a great restaurant specializing in amazing BBQ meals located on Park Street. If you can make it during...
Author Comment: "I love BBQ and Famous Dave's is one of the best I've tasted (the best was probably @ Trappers' Smokehouse in Busch Gardens Williamsburg). If you can make it there during lunch you can actually fill up with one of their lunch specials for around $10."
5. Bean, The The nickname for The Dry Bean restaurant and bar.
Author Comment: "The Dry Bean has a phenominal Friday night fish fry. All you can eat baked or deep-fried code for $9.95. Comes w/ cole slaw, sourdough bread and a choice of potato (I recommend the waffle fries!)"
6. Great Dane, The A brew pub restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin that brews its own great-tasting beers. The food is quite good and the atmos...
Author Comment: "Love the mac & cheese and cuban sandwiches."