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Best State Street Restaurants for Lunch

by madmax on August 25 2009
1. Himal Chuli This is one of my favorite places to eat in the world...I live in San Francisco and for the last 12 years I have found n...
Author Comment: "I love Himal Chuli. The food is nice and light, and spiced just right. If you're looking for a vegetarian option, there's plenty to choose from here."
2. Mediterranean Cafe One of the warmest, loveliest places to eat in downtown Madison. Owned by a fantastic man named "Fice". The restaurant o...
Author Comment: "This place gets a bit packed during the lunch hour, so you might want to get your lunch to go. Again, this is light, healthy food that tastes great."
3. Qdoba Mexican Grill When Q-Doba was Z-Teca, it was known for employees familiar to the rave scene. People with lots of piercings and tattoos...
Author Comment: "Here's my fast food recommendation. Qdoba is great, and I prefer it to Chipotle because it has slightly more variety."
4. Za's Italian Cafe Za's is an excellent place for Italian food on State Street. Za's serves fast-casual Italian food, not to be confused wi...
Author Comment: "Za's is a great fast casual restaurant. The food is good and the portions are pretty generous. All in all a good value."
5. Takara Takara is a Japanese restaurant with locations on State Street and Whitney Way. It has sushi as well as a hibachi grill.
Author Comment: "Great sushi and reasonable lunch prices."