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Best Parks to Play Frisbee in Madison

by Anonymous on July 14 2009

Author Description: "Summers in Madison make me think of one thing: frisbee."

1. James Madison Park A park just off of the UW campus right on Lake Mendota. This is a very popular park for college students. There is a nic...
Author Comment: "Not the biggest park in Madison, but you can't beat the central location and the view of Lake Mendota."
2. Brittingham Park Brittingham Park is a nice place where West Wash meets Park Street. It isn't hardly ever crowded, so it makes for a rela...
Author Comment: "There is hardly ever anyone here, which might be a negative for most people, but I like just chilling on the lake with a friend or two, flipping a frisbee around."
3. Olbrich Park Olbrich Park is a large grassy area next to the Olbrich Gardens along the northeast shore of Lake Monona.
Author Comment: "Adjacent to Olbrich Gardens, Olbrich Park is a great place for frisbee in Madison. It's quite happening because ultimate frisbee leagues play there throughout the season."