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Best Coffee Shops in Madison

by Anonymous on August 8 2009

Author Description: "Here are a list of my favorite coffee shops in Madison. I like different coffee shops for different reasons, which I will state below."

1. Barrique's Market Barrique's is a great wine market and coffee shop in the Madison area. There are five locations in the Madison area, one...
Author Comment: "I love Barrique's because of the great food. While most coffee shops only serve nasty pastries, Barrique's serves great baked goods AND some real food as well. Top off their excellent wine selection and you have a coffee shop on steroids that wipes out the competition. Only negative here is the huge pillar in front of the register, which makes things confusing as to where to line up. (This only applies to the West Wash location.)"
2. Steep N' Brew Best lattes in town
Author Comment: "Steep N' Brew is a great place for a cozy conversation, but is also quiet enough to get some work done. They also have the tastiest (by virtue of their creaminess) lattes I've had in Madison."
3. Michelangelo's does have an ATM inside. And it's not another damn chain coffee house.
Author Comment: "I just like the atmosphere here. Where it lacks in good food (and accepting credit cards!) it makes up for with charm."