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Badger Football Saturdays

by madmax on September 3 2009

Author Description: "Here's a list of things one does on a typical Badger football Saturday, in chronological order."

1. Tailgating Bring your grill, burgers, brats and beer and start a party by your car's bumper. Famous on Badger football Saturdays, t...
Author Comment: "Tailgating for the student crowd is a loosely used term. It doesn't require an actual tailgate and usually takes place in someone's backyard. It involves lots of beer, brats (although not mandatory), a table with plenty of cups for beer pong, a football for the guys to throw around (dangerously close to cars parked on the street), and beanbags to play cornhole."
2. Regent Street Retreat Venue for Pat McCurdy on Tuesday nights.
Author Comment: "Making your way west toward the stadium your first stop will be the Regent Street Retreat. You may have already drank a lot during the tailgating stage, but suck it up--you're in Madison."
3. Big Ten A cozy neighborhood sports bar on Regent Street. It has a loyal following for sporting events and has great food special...
Author Comment: "Another great place to stop along the way to Camp Randall."
4. Stadium Bar Sadly, Jingle's is currently a pile of rubble being picked over by construction equipment. This is the proposed replace...
Author Comment: "If you still have time, make your way over to the Stadium bar, located right across the street from Camp Randall. This place is really where the party is at. I've had friends who decided not to go to the actual game upon getting to the Stadium Bar."
5. Varsity The famous Wisconsin alumni song that involves singing, arm swinging and swaying. A great Wisconsin tradition. Here are ...
Author Comment: "Time-honored traditional song sung at halftime. It'll only take you one time singing it to learn it."
6. Jump Around "Jump Around" is not only the party smash hit by House of Pain, but is also a student section tradition at the Wisconsin...
Author Comment: "This is the real reason the students go to the game. Shaking the stadium to House of Pain is really what football Saturdays are about."
7. Fifth Quarter, The As if four quarters of grab-assin' weren't enough, Badger fans stick around for another 15-minute quarter to dance to al...
Author Comment: "If the Badgers come up with a big victory, you might feel up to sticking around for the goofy song and dance afterward."