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Jump Around

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5 Definitions
  1. "Jump Around" is not only the party smash hit by House of Pain, but is also a student section tradition at the Wisconsin Badger football games. Every home game, right before the start of the 4th quarter, the speakers sound "daaaaah, dah, dah, duuuuuuuh." And then the entire student section--including the marching band behind the north end zone--starts to literally jump around and shake the entire stadium. To start off the 2003 season the Wisconsin Athletic Department actually banned the Jump Around ritual due to concerns of the compromised structural integrity of Camp Randall Stadium as a result. After widespread student outcry, Jump Around was brought back and has been going strong ever since.

    Jump up, jump up and get down. Jump! Jump! Jump! Posted by: uwmad09 on Sep 12, 2008 (1) (0)
  2. Jump Around has been a huge Badger football tradition since the 1998 homecoming game versus Purdue. The crowd got going in the fourth quarter after rocking out to House of Pain. The Badgers rallied to beat a tough Purdue team and ended up getting their second Rose Bowl birth of the decade. Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 14, 2009 (0) (0)
  3. The "Jump Around" tradition actually registers as a small earthquake on the Richter scale! Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 27, 2009 (0) (0)
  4. The funnest UW football ritual, Jump Around is enjoyed by the entire student section at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Some--but certainly not all--old people get into it. It's about the only thing during the Badger game that can give you a much needed workout after muscling down a bunch of brats. Posted by: madmax on Sep 20, 2009 (0) (0)
  5. funny watching old people get into it Posted by: Anonymous on Jan 07, 2009 (0) (0)
Jump Around as seen from Section Q, where the
Jump Around as seen from Section Q, where the "Old People" area starts
Posted by: madmax
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The student section and the band in the foreground, all jumping around to the House of Pain classic.
The student section and the band in the foreground, all jumping around to the House of Pain classic.
Posted by: madmax
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Students give their take on "Jump Around"
The Wisconsin State Journal captures the essence of the Camp Randall 4th Quarter tradition.
Jump Around at a Badger Football Game
A great view of the jumping sea of red that is "Jump Around."

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