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144 East Gilman
Madison, WI 53703
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  1. Term for the University of Wisconsin-Madison lifesaving service on Lake Mendota, named for an early director of it, Harvey C. Black. Boaters being rescued say “here comes Harvey,” since both the main rescue boats have had this nickname. They have a boathouse and an observation tower overlooking the lake at 144 East Gilman Street near James Madison Park (about 150 yards west), built around 1970 and designed by Law, Law, Potter & Nystrom.
    It helps reduce and solve problems caused by the heavy summer use (especially by members of the Hoofer clubs) of Lake Mendota in the UW area, sometimes exacerbated by hazardous weather. Originally housed in an old Crew House next to the Red Gym, the current 60-foot high modern concrete structure gives a much better view of the entire lake, especially
    the large university waterfront area used by swimmers, paddlers, sailors, and sailboarders. It also provides winter storage for the high-powered rescue boats. In bad weather the station might make up to 25 rescues a day. Posted by: SCU on Jul 24, 2008 (0) (0)
UW Life Saving Station (Harvey) Boathouse and Lake Observation Tower
UW Life Saving Station (Harvey) Boathouse and Lake Observation Tower
Posted by: SCU
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