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514 East Wilson St.
Madison, WI 53703
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Word Categories: Words & Expressions, Food & Drink
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4 Definitions
  1. A glass boot at Madison's Essen Haus that is passed around a table full of friends. The boot is the centerpiece for the Boot Game, which has the following customary rules:

    1. The boot can NEVER touch the table while delicious beer goodness still remains.
    2. The toe of the boot must face away from the player while that player is drinking.
    3. The player must flick the boot before passing it on to the next player.
    4. When a player receives the boot with a chance to finish the remaining beer, other people at the table must initiate table pounding to encourage the player. Other patrons at the Essen Haus will also pound on their tables.
    5. The player who passes the boot to the player who finishes the boot must pay for the next boot. Posted by: madmax on May 01, 2008 (12) (0)
  2. When drinking from the boot at he Essen Haus you should drink it with the toe up. This is done so when the boot is emptied far enough the toe portion of the beer comes rushing at your face. I have personally witnessed anxious novices soak themselves while drinking from the boot. To do this properly you must tilt it very gently as the toe starts to fill with air. Posted by: strudelwagon on Apr 14, 2008 (8) (3)
  3. A glass boot filled with beer served at the Essen Haus, Madison's German-themed bar and restaurant in downtown Madison near Lake Monona. Posted by: terracebum on Apr 04, 2008 (6) (5)
  4. Gross glass contraptions from which people drink beer at the Essen Haus. Boots don't appear to be washed too well and are passed from one person to the next, creating a slimy rim around the mouth of the boot. Yuck. Posted by: Anonymous on Sep 06, 2009 (0) (0)
Posted by: coast-to-coaster
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Getting soaked from the backsplash of the toe!  Be careful!
Getting soaked from the backsplash of the toe! Be careful!
Posted by: coast-to-coaster
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Posted by: coast-to-coaster
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Posted by: coast-to-coaster
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Playing the boot game at the Essen Haus
Here are a couple people trying their hand at the boot game at Madison's Essen Haus. Look at what happens with the air bubbles in the base of the boot. Be careful, lest you get beer all over yourself!

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