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Art Paul Schlosser

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615 Howard Place #207
Madison, WI 53703
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Word Category: People
Related Words: State Street, Piccolo Guy (Add)
13 Definitions
  1. Art Paul Schlosser is a street musician who plays on State street and other places for tips. Posted by: artpaul on Jul 02, 2008 (7) (1)
  2. To me, nothing beats Art Paul's song, Pink Pants. I have two of his CD's and they are hilarious! If you have never stopped to hear one of his songs, you can't call yourself a Madisonian and don't know what you're missing. Although, don't request a song and expect to get away with not tipping. Posted by: htamuda on Jul 08, 2008 (4) (0)
  3. Art is probably best known for his song "My Cat Was Taking a Bath". If you see him, ask him to sing it to you. It will probably cost you a couple bucks, but it is definitely worth it. I've also heard him sing some great Backstreet Boys stuff. Posted by: drsimpson on Jul 06, 2008 (3) (0)
  4. Purple Bananas on the Moon! Posted by: xandermom on Jul 03, 2008 (3) (1)
  5. Hey check it out, Art Paul is now on Apple iTunes ! and at CD Baby at Posted by: artpaulsmanager on Nov 27, 2009 (1) (0)
  6. "tell all your uncles & all your ants, pink pants! pink pants!" a classic. Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 25, 2009 (1) (0)
  7. I hate war is probably one of my favorites! Hilarious, and he's such a nice guy! Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 15, 2009 (1) (0)
  8. I hate war Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 12, 2009 (1) (0)
  9. And let's not forget the kazoo - an integral part of any Art Paul performance. My sister and her then boyfriend were walking past him on State Street once and he was inspired to start an impromptu song which included these words: "She looks very pretty, but her boyfriend's mean." Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 03, 2009 (1) (0)
  10. One time I saw Art walking into Memorial Union with his son. Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 28, 2009 (1) (0)
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Sometimes in the spring or fall Art Paul wears a hat and a scarf
Sometimes in the spring or fall Art Paul wears a hat and a scarf
Posted by: artpaul
(4) (0)
Art Paul performing on State street
Art Paul performing on State street
Posted by: artpaul
(3) (0)

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