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60 square miles surrounded by reality

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  1. The City of Madison currently covers 77 square miles. The school district has never "banned" the pledge of allegiance. After September 11th, the state mandated that schools either recite the pledge or play the national anthem. Madison chose the latter. Conservatives weren't satisfied. What one believes the 77 square-miles to be surrounded by is clearly dependant on one's perspective. Posted by: allegri on Aug 26, 2008 (3) (1)
  2. This is what Wisconsinites from other parts of the state sometimes call Madison. Madison is quite different from the rest of Wisconsin. It has a very young, liberal populace. Even the older generations have a left-leaning political stance. Some Wisconsinites feel that Madisonians are out of touch with reality, hence the nickname.

    I first heard this nickname for Madison when the Madison school board banned the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools in 2001. This move was especially controversial because it took place in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Posted by: madmax on May 15, 2008 (3) (1)
  3. This is probably one of the most annoying nicknames for Madison because 1) people always tend to quote a different area in square miles for the city of Madison (I sometimes hear as little as 25), 2) not everyone in Madison is an "out-of-touch liberal", and 3) there are just as many Wisconsinites outside of Madison who are out of touch with anything but their own immediate reality. This last reason is not to single out non-Madisonian Wisconinites, though, as people from other parts of the Midwest sometimes use term. It's just that when Wisconsinites use the term it reeks of arrogance, thinking that their reality is somehow more real than someone else's. I personally prefer "People's Republic of Madison", which is a funnier, more clear-cut way of poking fun at Madison's liberal politics. Posted by: uwmad09 on Sep 17, 2008 (1) (0)
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