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Madison Taglines

  1. Madtown
  2. Mad town
  3. People's Republic of Madison
  4. People's Republic of run by a right-wing despot
  5. Fitzwalkerstan
  6. 85 square miles surrounded by ... reality.
  7. Home of the Imperial Walker
  8. 77 square miles surrounded by realty
  9. People's Republic of Madison
  10. Home of the Imperial Walker
  11. People's Repuplic of Walker
  12. Solidarity Central
  13. Walkergrad
  14. People's Republic of Madison
  15. We're all mad here!
  16. People's Republic of Madison
  17. We're all Mad here.
  18. People's Republic of Madison
  19. People's Republic of Madison
  20. One night I spent a month in Madison
  21. People's Republic of Madison
  22. Great drinking town with a college problem
  23. Go. Big. Red.
  24. People's Republic of Madison
  25. You're Among Friends
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Past Words of the Day

In the basement.

The old name for Albuquerque. The first 'r' was removed back in the 19th Century after Anglos had a hard time with the original Spanish pronunciation.

Minnesotans are famous in other states for their penchant for Michelob Golden beer, and often simply refer to it as McGolden. People from the twin cities often get puzzled looks when they're in other states and ask for it in a bar or a liquor store. It is most commonly drunk as "McGolden Light".

A panty tree is a designated tree below a chairlift on top of which people can throw bras, panties, and the like. Steamboat has such a tree and it's chock-full of undergarments of all colors. It's about midway up the Storm Peak Express chairlift.

Refers to the gentrifying effect of the University of Pennsylvania on the West Philadelphia area.