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Madison Taglines

  1. You're Among Friends
  2. People's Republic of Madison
  3. Go. Big. Red.
  4. Great drinking town with a college problem
  5. People's Republic of Madison
  6. One night I spent a month in Madison
  7. People's Republic of Madison
  8. People's Republic of Madison
  9. We're all Mad here.
  10. People's Republic of Madison
  11. We're all mad here!
  12. People's Republic of Madison
  13. Walkergrad
  14. Solidarity Central
  15. People's Repuplic of Walker
  16. Home of the Imperial Walker
  17. People's Republic of Madison
  18. 77 square miles surrounded by realty
  19. Home of the Imperial Walker
  20. 85 square miles surrounded by ... reality.
  21. Fitzwalkerstan
  22. People's Republic of run by a right-wing despot
  23. People's Republic of Madison
  24. Mad town
  25. Madtown
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Past Words of the Day

Big Papi is the nickname for superstar DH for the Red Sox, David Ortiz. Big Papi has been a media darling in Boston, as he has always been much friendlier than unpredictable long-time teammate, Manny Ramirez, who is now with the Dodgers. Ortiz is a native of the Dominican Republic.

The Ill Mill is a nickname for Milwaukee used by the younger crowd. It's more often used in an endearing way than a derogatory one.

A huge underground storage tunnel built to hold storm water runoff and sewage during heavy rains. The 19.4 mile long tunnel is located 300 feet below Milwaukee, ranges in in diameter from 17 to 32 feet, and holds 405 million gallons of sewage.

1. Country ham drippings and black coffee, made into a gravy, also called Poor Man's Gravy.

2. Gravy made from instant coffee and ham grease. It probably tastes better than it sounds, but the non-Alabama native may opt to take someone else's word for it.

Nickname for Warren Buffett, the investing legend known for his disciplined value investing and gaudy long-term returns. The guy simply has a talent for picking good companies with real staying power. Buffett has experienced annualized returns of roughly 20% over a few decades. This is VERY hard to do. He works and lives in Omaha, Nebraska.