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  1. Borns Law Office
    Posted by: bornslaw on Feb 12 2018
  2. A tour of Madison food
    Here are a few places you should go and foods you should eat if you're in Madison for a few days and want a taste of local Madison flavor.
    Posted by: madmax on Dec 30 2009
  3. Test
    Posted by: gauravpadia on Dec 22 2009
  4. Favorite Places to Grab a Bite in Madison
    List of my favorite places to grab a bite in the Mad Town [in no particular order]
    Posted by: sweeperq on Oct 12 2009
  5. Madison Crash Course
    Here are a few things that define my Madison. Ranging from infamous street people and tasty restaurants, to great parks and spectacular views, this list covers the neat subtleties that make Madison what it is.
    Posted by: madmax on Sep 23 2009
  6. Most notable Madison websites
    There are a lot of websites that cater to the Madison area. Here are some media companies that capture Madison in the best way. I will include at the end of the list, simply because they are the biggest Madison website. Let it be clear that I don't like the website too much.
    Posted by: Anonymous on Sep 22 2009
  7. Badger Football Saturdays
    Here's a list of things one does on a typical Badger football Saturday, in chronological order.
    Posted by: madmax on Sep 03 2009
  8. Badger Football Traditions
    Game day at Camp Randall Stadium has it's own traditions. Get in the know with this list of Badger Football Traditions.
    Posted by: Anonymous on Sep 01 2009
  9. Best Bars on Badger Football Saturdays
    Whether you like it or not, drinking is as much a part of Badger Football as football itself. If you're not tailgating, I'd recommend getting your drink on at one of these Camp Randall Stadium Bars.
    Posted by: Anonymous on Sep 01 2009
  10. Best State Street Restaurants for Lunch
    Posted by: madmax on Aug 25 2009
  11. Must-see places in Madison if you only have a few hours
    Here are a few places to go in Madison if you want to pack the essence of Madison into a few hours. Please note: Most of these places are best visited in the summer months.
    Posted by: madmax on Aug 24 2009
  12. Streets to Avoid During Rush Hour
    Posted by: strudelwagon on Aug 21 2009
  13. Best Burger Joints
    Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 19 2009
  14. Badger basketball players with mad skills
    Posted by: madmax on Aug 13 2009
  15. Best Coffee Shops in Madison
    Here are a list of my favorite coffee shops in Madison. I like different coffee shops for different reasons, which I will state below.
    Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 08 2009
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