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Oktoberfest USA

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  1. The name of the German festival that livens up La Crosse every October. The city's first Oktoberfest USA festival took place in 1961 after two German employees of the La Crosse-based G. Heileman Brewing Company suggested a promotional event that mirrored the Oktoberfest celebration enjoyed in Munich, Germany. The event was such a hit that it has been celebrated every October since. La Crosse has two fest grounds, one on each of the north and south sides of town. Fest grounds are the setting for traditional German pageantry with all the clothes and music that you can imagine for such a party. There are also plenty of your typical amusement park rides and plenty of "beer tents" where people celebrate La Crosse's true passions: beer, brats, cheese curds, and beer. Posted by: lax on Apr 10, 2008 (1) (0)
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