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1. K-Town: This is a slang term for Kenosha. Many Kenosha citizens refer to Kenosha as K-Town.  
2. Frolf: Frolf refers to Frisbee Golf. The Frisbee Golf course is located on the UW-Parkside campus, but is also open to th...  
1. D'Angelos: A pizza parlor in downtown Kenosha. This pizza place is generally attended by Carthage students.  
2. Joe's: Joe's is "Joe's Pasta & Pizza", which is indeed located in Kenosha.  
3. Big Star: The primer drive-in restaurant of all time. Cheap, delicious, gut filling food served only from March to September...  
1. Bowl: Refers to the Washington Bowl, a large place in downtown Kenosha that is used for bicycle races. There are also ma...  
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