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Tower Drive Bridge

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Green Bay, WI
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  1. In 1979 when this bridge was under construction, I worked aboard the M/V WALKI (Finnish flag), 15400DWT. We delivered a full load of special paper to the Port of Green Bay. We were informed that we were one of the largest ocean going vessels at the time ever visiting the port. The ship was light outbound and riding high. And the safety nets under the bridge hung obviously lower than intended. I was of duty and could for once just afford to follow how we progressed through the narrow ship channel. I soon noticed that the ship was committed to pass under the bridge and that the safety net will not clear our radar. I took a few pictures and dashed into the wheelhouse before tools started to come down, men yelling and radar falling down on our fantail. Everybody laid down flat in the wheelhouse concerned that the bridge would squash us. The noise abated soon and the bridge remained in place. In the evening before passing Washington Island I noticed we made the local evening news! The "bad" ship. In 1985 I visited Bay Shipbuilding and learned they still recalled the event from 1979! Posted by: Chris on Dec 26, 2008 (0) (0)
  2. This Green Bay bridge is known by its infamous nickname: The Tower Drive Bridge, but is officially named the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge. It was built in 1980 for Interstate 43 expansion to Green Bay and connection to Highway 41 on Green Bay's northwest side. The bridge is about a mile long, although most of it is supported by simpler piers, this center section is supported by an arch because it's a longer span over the Port of Green Bay shipping channel. This bridge has also gained some national infamy as suicidal jumpers use the platform to try to end their lives. I say "try to end" because statistically, only about half of them actually die. Even for those who do perish, it's likely not an instant death, more likely they drown. Posted by: buckyguy33 on Jul 01, 2008 (0) (0)
Posted by: buckyguy33
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