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1. Fitchburger: Does Fitchburg have an official term to refer to its residents? My informal research of resident came up with nothi...  
2. Wisconsin's Recycling Leader: If this is the official nickname for Fitchburg, why am I having such a hard time finding somewhere to recycle?  
1. Kelly's Grille: Kelly's Grille has been closed since 2008. The space was split into Roman Candle and Atomic Koi.
2. Casa de Lara: The "Casa de Lara" in Fitchburg has recently changed its name to "Casa del Sol," perhaps to distinguish itself from...  
3. Casa del Sol: the best food ever aswell as the serice our server oscar is the best ...we"ll be back  
1. Quarry Hill Neighborhood: The Quarry Hill Neighborhood is located on the south east corner of Fish Hatchery and Lacy road. The neighborhood ...
2. Swan Creek: A newer Fitchburg neighborhood located North/East of the Lacy Road and Syene Road. This neighborhood has single fam...
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