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1366. Community Car: Community Car is cool, member-based carsharing service that provides cars by the hour to its members. The service p...  
1367. Kissers, The: The Kissers are a Celtic rock from Madison, Wisconsin. The group blends Irish traditionalism with rock and a little...  
1368. WDTY: Known as "The Pulse", WTDY is a Madison radio station with local news and lots of talk. Located at 1670 AM on your ...  
1369. Liliana's Restaurant: Located right on Highway PD, Liliana's is a semi fine-dining New Orleans style-restaurant in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. ...  
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"My state can outdrink your state" Edit | History
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A device attached to the wheel of a car by Pittsburgh Police in order to immobilize the vehicle and aid in the enforcement of parking violations.

The Baltimore Bullet is the nickname for Baltimore native Michael Phelps, the most prolific athlete in Olympic history. Michael Phelps has already beaten the gold medal record of nine, and has eleven as of tonight. He also stands to break Mark Spitz's record of seven gold medals in any one Olympics. Phelps is perfect so far in Beijing 2008 and is favored to complete his quest for eight gold medals.

A word that originated from the language of the Choctaw natives of the Gulf Coast. It means close friend, originally meaning "suckling brother", which could be your blood brother, or simply someone you grew up with.

Fargo is one of the many US cities to claim to be the Gateway to the West, a luxury apparently afforded to any town east of the West.

Slugging is a form of hitchhiking in DC that benefits both the hitchhiker and the driver. The driver can use the much faster HOV lane after taking on a passenger.