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106. Tacos El Asadero:  
107. General Strike of 1919: The first of its kind in the United States, the general strike occurred citywide in Seattle after sufficient post-w...  
108. Pop: Most places in the US drink soda. In Seattle we drink pop. (It's the same thing; only it sounds cooler.)  
109. People's Republic of Seattle: Seattle has been at the forefront of socialist labor movements in the United States, in particular the first genera...  
110. I'm coming from the Eastside: Adjacent to Seattle, the "Eastside" refers to the neighborhoods and cities on the East side of Lake Washington. Tho...  
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Past Words of the Day

One of the more unpleasant nicknames for Augusta, Georgia.

The trial involved dozens of people who competed for the fortune of a deceased prospector who left a six-figure fortune for the nebulous cause of scientifically proving the existence of the soul. The judge ruled in favor of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix.

A nickname for the Dinkytown area that is earned by the many rowdy college kids that live in the neighborhood.

Sarcastic reference to Santa Monica's tenant-friendly rent-control laws. The expression is popular among landlords in Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Forbes Magazine bestowed this honor upon the Mile-High city in light of its record breaking contraceptive sales.