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76. Walla Walla: The name of Walla Walla comes from the Native American people of the same name who were living in the area when the...  
77. Squirrel Bridge: One good citizen of Longview felt it only fair that his furry neighbors should have their own walk-way. Thus the s...  
78. Uli's: A sausage maker and vendor in the Pike Place Market. Pronounced oo-lee, not yu-lee.  
79. Bite of Seattle: For three days in July, tens of thousands of Seattlites enjoy some of the best food that Seattle has to offer in th...
80. Bumbershoot
81. Folklife: Short for "Northwest Folklife Festival," a four-day music festival that takes place annually over Memorial Day Week...  
82. KBCS: Broadcast from Bellevue College, 91.3 fm KBCS is Seattle's community radio station, funded by local residents and b...  
83. I work on the hill: Refers to Capitol Hill, a trendy, bohemian neighborhood in Seattle. Capitol Hill is also known as Seattle's Gay dis...  
84. Mariner Grand Slam: David Niehaus, the voice of the Mariners, has coined the phrase, "Get out the rye bread and mustard, grandma, it's ...  
85. Quad, The: A beautiful, wide-open plaza at Seattle University with cherry blossoms, grassy patches and crossing concrete path...  
86. Cascadia fault: Subduction zone that stretches along America's west coast, from Northern California and up to British Columbia. If ...  
87. Kitsap Mall: The major mall in Kitsap County, located north of Downtown Silverdale  
88. Fort Lewis: Army base south of Tacoma, a major employer in the area.  
89. McChord: McChord Air Force Base, south of Tacoma east of exit 124 just north of Fort Lewis  
90. South Tacoma: A working class neighbourhood centered around rail and industrial areas in the city's south end.  
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Past Words of the Day

Nickname for Portland because of all the rainfall it receives. Puddletown has made its way into popular PDX culture, as it's commonly affixed to names of businesses, sports teams, et al.

Those that grew up and live in South Bend.

1. Philadelphian speak for Italian Ice, a frozen desert made of flavored syrup.

2. Italian Ice

A reference to the relatively laid-back pace of the city.

1. Question from an Italian beef vendor about whether you would like it dipped in the juice or not.

2. Chicagoans used to refer to Italian Beef as "Dago Beef," but this practice became has been phased out in the last few decades as the term has been recognized as highly offensive.