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61. Tri-Cities: Pasco, along with Kennewick and Richland, helps form the Tri-Cities region.  
62. Tri-City Dust Devils: The Dust Devils are a Class A farm league team for the Colorado Rockies. The team's home is Pasco's Gesa Stadium.  
63. Palm Springs of Washington, The: There's a sign at the edge of town that dubs Yakima the "Palm Springs of Washington," alluding to the sunnier weath...  
64. Yakama Sun Kings: Was a team in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) until the Yakama Indian Nation shut down its operations ...  
65. Lilac City, The: Official nickname for Spokane, Washington.  
66. Gateway to the Alaska: A nickname for Seattle that hearkens back to the Alaska Gold Rush, when prospectors would get outfitted in Seattle ...  
67. Gateway to the Pacific: A nickname for Seattle  
68. Gum Wall: The "Gum Wall" is a just that, a wall of a building with chewed gum stuck to it. It's an odd landmark found at the ...  
69. Poverty Rock: Used to describe the entire city of Mercer Island, because of its general affluent nature.  
70. couv, The: shorthand form of Vancouver, used lovingly by locals  
71. spendy: anything expensive or overpriced.  
72. Poverty Rock: Tongue-In-Cheek reference to the wealthy area Mercer Island.  
73. Glove, The: Nickname for long-time Seattle Supersonic Gary Payton, given to him for his excellent defensive skills and populari...  
74. Tacoma Aroma: Tacoma's claim to fame, caused by the gross, caustic fumes from the local paper mill. Although sulfur emissions hav...  
75. Microsoftland: A nickname for Redmond because of the main Microsoft headquarters campus.  
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Red and green chile sauce together with the same dish.

Leftover tomato pie from Palermos (half fried eggplant, half garlic).

Trenton's unique vision of a pizza pie, light on the cheese and heavy with big chunks of tomato drizzled with olive oil.

City north of Boston named for Paul Revere. EX: "I'm takin' my buddy to The Squiya in Reveah for his batchella pahty".

How people inside the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area refers to the rest of Minnesota.

"The Big House" is the nickname for Michigan Stadium, where the University of Michigan Wolverines football team plays its home games. The Big House gets its name for its gigantic size and even more impressive attendance. Attendance often eclipses 110,000, even though the published capacity is a few thousand less.