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16. R2D2: Also referred to as the Ban roll-on building, just as a similar building in Portland, Oregon is called.  
17. Evil Empire: Nickname for Microsoft, as in, "I work for the Evil Empire."  
18. U Dub: lovee thee huskies
19. Capitol Hill: Also referred to as just "the hill". It's a trendy neighborhood in Seattle, home to a plethora of bars, pubs, hole-...  
20. Qwest Field: The home of the Seattle Seahawks football team. Built on the site of the former Kingdome, Qwest Field was opened in...
21. Sea Town: A nickname for Seattle, Washington.  
22. Brain Dead Island: Local derogatory nickname for Bainbridge Island.  
23. Brain Damage Island: Along with Brain Dead Island, it's a derogatory nickname for Bainbridge Island.  
24. P-I, The: The local nickname for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper.  
25. Seafair: A summer festival beginning every year in early July that inspires a number of city-wide celebrations attributed to...
26. Green Lake Itch: The rash one gets after swimming in Green Lake, a man-made lake located north of downtown on the other side of Lake...  
27. Tacoma Aroma: The sulfuric stench produced by Tacoma's paper manufacturing mill.  
28. SoDo: A nickname for the neighborhood south of downtown Seattle. This area is primarily industrial, but also encompasses ...  
29. SAM: An acronym for "Seattle Art Museum", located downtown on 1st between Union and University St. The beautifully archi...  
30. SIFF: An acronym for "Seattle International Film Festival." The popular festival runs annually, May-June, at a handful of...  
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So it's officially the South Lake Union Streetcar but what fun is that? The SLUT is short for the South Lake Union Trolley. The SLUT even has its own t-shirts that read "Ride the S.L.U.T."

1. The Chicago Bungalow is the main source of housing design in the Chicago area. These bungalow style houses make up about a third of the city's housing. Many of these were built during beginning of the 20th century and the period after WWII.

2. The house featured during the theme song of the old sitcom Family Matters...

A nickname for the student section at Wisconsin Badger basketball games.

The infamous NYC street vendor hot dog, generally Sabrett's brand shoved haphazardly into a soggy bun and topped with a variety of gloppy condiments. The consumption of this NYC grab-and-go staple is almost an urban rite of passage and the Manhattan version of Russian Roulette.

The culmination of all run off and spillage from the beer vendors at a Madison Mallards game. The extra beer runs down a funnel into a bucket. Not for the faint of heart, but it doesnt taste all that bad, a little flat maybe.