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16. Red Square: A popular downtown bar that features live (primarily jazz) music and a rotating gallery of local art. However, it g...  
17. People's Republic of Burlington: Nickname for the left-leaning Burlington, popularized during the mayoral tenure of now US Senator Bernie Sanders, w...  
18. Brian's North End Automotive: Auto Repair Shop, Auto Shop, Tires, Brakes, Oil Changes, Auto Repair, Auto Diagnostics, Transmission Service, Engin...
19. Allen Brothers Farm: At our farmers market & convenience store, Allen Brothers Farm in Westminster, VT, we want to become the cause that...
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Past Words of the Day

Created by the Brown Hotel in Louisville, the Hot Brown is a broiled open face sandwich featuring turkey, bacon, and mornay sauce. Popular in Louisville as well as throughout Kentucky.

Brew/movie, relating to any number of theaters that serve beer. Popular ones are Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Baghdad.

Theodore Roosevelt was shot in front of Milwaukee's Gilpatrick Hotel in 1912. The then presidential nominee for the Progressive Party was shot in the chest, but went on to deliver his speech later that day because the bullet was slowed down by a glass case and a manuscript. They don't make'em like they used to!

This is one of the common nicknames for Solid Rock Church's enormous sculpture of Jesus Christ. Rising 62 feet high this sculpture is hard to miss. It is located on the east side of I-75 north of Cincinnati. While it has other nicknames such Touchdown Jesus, I really like the name Butter Jesus. In the right light, it looks just like a giant butter sculpture.

1. "Bennies" is more from the Jersey Shore and refers to people from other parts of the area visiting during the summer.

N=Northern NJ
N=NYC ...ies

2. Jersey slang for tourists.