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16. Red Square: A popular downtown bar that features live (primarily jazz) music and a rotating gallery of local art. However, it g...  
17. People's Republic of Burlington: Nickname for the left-leaning Burlington, popularized during the mayoral tenure of now US Senator Bernie Sanders, w...  
18. Brian's North End Automotive: Auto Repair Shop, Auto Shop, Tires, Brakes, Oil Changes, Auto Repair, Auto Diagnostics, Transmission Service, Engin...
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The all but defunct annual tradition of U of M students running naked through the streets of Ann Arbor in April after finishing winter semester.

An avocado.

1. Town square in the Treme neighborhood where slaves used to meet on Sundays to dance.

2. Sunday was the slave's day off. They would meet at "Place de Negres," which is now called Congo Square. Treme is the cradle of African American music in the New Orleans area, and Congo Square is ground zero.

1. Boulder may be 25 square miles in area, but I wouldn't consider its surrounding a paragon of reality. I don't know that the folks in Aspen are in touch the reality of most Americans either.

2. Left-leaning? How about drastically left standing!

This is one of the many nicknames for the giant sculpture of Jesus Christ. The photos leave no doubt where the nickname comes from.