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16. King George  
17. Fifeville  
18. Belmont  
19. Rotunda, The  
20. Big Lick: The original name for the area now known as Roanoke. "Big Lick" got its name from an exposed portion of salt that d...  
21. Magic City Ford: Roanoke's Ford dealership, which gets its name from an old (and seldom-used) nickname for Roanoke.  
22. Star City: The official nickname of Roanoke comes from a huge star (the biggest freestanding one in the world), which sit atop...  
23. H'Burg: Shorthand nickname for Harrisonburg  
24. Rocktown: Former name of Harrisonburg, before early settler Thomas Harrison donated the land to build the town's courthouse. ...  
25. Dell Curry: Dell Curry, retired NBA basketball player known for his quick-release three pointer, is a Harrisonburg native.  
26. Crescas: The motto for Norfolk that means "thou shalt grow". I'm not sure what the motto creators had in mind, but Norfolk's...  
27. Byrd, The: The shortened nickname for "the Byrd Theater", a 1-screen movie house on Cary Street in the Carytown shopping distr...
28. Fan, The: A shortened version of the Fan District, a historic neighborhood that is home to one of the nation's largest collec...
29. Fed, The: A nickname for the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks located across the nation. It'...
30. Carytown: A shopping district located along it's namesake Cary Street. It has an array of local businesses such as restauran...
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A dessert made of bananas and rum, served over vanilla ice cream.

Waunakee's main claim to fame is that there isn't another town in the US with the same name.

This was the alternate nickname for the "Phi Slama Jama" University of Houston Cougars basketball team from 1982 to 1984 that featured basketball legends Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon. The fraternity had a joyful reunion during the 1994-1995 NBA season when Clyde Drexler was traded to the Rockets at mid-season, solidifying what was to be the second-straight championship team for the franchise.

Dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" by Notre Dame alumni, "The Word of Life," constructed by Millard Sheets, is a mural on the face of the university's Hesburgh Library. Easily viewed from the football stadium, the piece features the looming figure of the resurrected Jesus with arms raised like a referee signaling a touchdown.

(noun) Common nickname for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a daily newspaper.