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16. King George  
17. Fifeville  
18. Belmont  
19. Rotunda, The  
20. Big Lick: The original name for the area now known as Roanoke. "Big Lick" got its name from an exposed portion of salt that d...  
21. Magic City Ford: Roanoke's Ford dealership, which gets its name from an old (and seldom-used) nickname for Roanoke.  
22. Star City: The official nickname of Roanoke comes from a huge star (the biggest freestanding one in the world), which sit atop...  
23. H'Burg: Shorthand nickname for Harrisonburg  
24. Rocktown: Former name of Harrisonburg, before early settler Thomas Harrison donated the land to build the town's courthouse. ...  
25. Dell Curry: Dell Curry, retired NBA basketball player known for his quick-release three pointer, is a Harrisonburg native.  
26. Crescas: The motto for Norfolk that means "thou shalt grow". I'm not sure what the motto creators had in mind, but Norfolk's...  
27. Byrd, The: The shortened nickname for "the Byrd Theater", a 1-screen movie house on Cary Street in the Carytown shopping distr...
28. Fan, The: A shortened version of the Fan District, a historic neighborhood that is home to one of the nation's largest collec...
29. Fed, The: A nickname for the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks located across the nation. It'...
30. Carytown: A shopping district located along it's namesake Cary Street. It has an array of local businesses such as restauran...
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In the midst of the debate over the Iraq war, a few US congressmen exercised their freedom to slight the French by renaming french fries and french toast in the congressional cafeteria. Enter "Freedom Fries".

A supermarket shopping cart.

A pervasive New York City urban legend tells of infant alligators brought back from Florida vacations and subsequently flushed down toilets only to form scattered colonies of full-grown alligators thriving beneath the city streets. Some versions describe the alligators as albino, having lost their pigment from living in the dark sewers for generations.

1. The hodag is the official mascot of the Rhinelander area. The mythical beast is the the local high school's mascot. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's ultimate frisbee team has followed suit. They're called the Wisconsin Hodags.

2. The mascot for the Rhinelander area, the hodag is a mythical creature that resembles a large horned lizard-like beast.

Sarah Palin was the Wasilla mayor from 1996 to 2002. She was elected governor of Alaska in 2006 and has been wildly popular in her first term with about an 85% approval rating. She was recently selected by John McCain as his Vice-Presidential candidate in the 2008 election. She has since energized the conservative base, as Palin is both fiscally and socially conservative. The other side, however, has pointed out Palin's lack of experience--especially in foreign policy--as well as several questionable moves as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska. Included in those alleged scandals are "Troopergate", in which Palin is accused of wrongly fire the Alaska head of safety, as well as a controversial butting of heads with the Wasilla librarian over book-banning policy. Palin claims no wrongdoing in both cases.

Palin is a native of Idaho, but has lived the majority of her life in Alaska.