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San Antonio Words & Expressions

1. Pulleybone: A wishbone  
2. Mariachi: A street performer.  
3. San Antonio Local Time: A reference to the relatively laid-back pace of the city.  
4. Current: The best way to keep up with San Antonio's neatest events, best drink specials, tastiest treats, coolest art, the l...  
5. Y'all: You all; you  
6. Ropin' Role: A Cowboy's rope; a lasso.  
7. San Antone: Nickname for San Antonio, usually restricted to non-residents.  
8. SAFB: Acronym for San Antonio Fighting Back, an anti-drug program.  
9. Ranchero: A Mexican rancher.  
10. Texan: The term referring to Texas residents that was adopted subsequent to 'Tejanos' and 'Texians'.  
11. Tejano: A style of music that mixes Mexican and American influences  
San Antonio Tagline
"Never Retreat, Never Surrender" Edit | History