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San Antonio Places

1. Market Square: The largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico.  
2. San Antonio Missions: San Antonio is the only U.S. city with five Spanish missions. These historical structures served as the first found...  
3. Alamo, The: A 4.2 acre complex commemorating the historic battle that occurred there during the Texas Revolution against Mexico...  
4. Riverwalk: Twenty-one miles of cobblestone and flagstone paths along the San Antonio River and the center of downtown activity...  
5. El Mercado: Market Square  
6. Alamodome: A multi-purpose facility in San Antonio, primarily used as a sports stadium and convention center.  
7. Tower of the Americas: A 750-foot tall observation tower with a restaurant in it, built originally for the 1968 World's Fair.  
8. Finck Cigar Company: A store on West avenue in San Antonio, established in 1893, that sells all kinds of tobacco and accessories and now...  
9. Fredericksburg: A nearby town that is a common weekend getaway for San Antonio natives; European history, shopping, etc.  
10. Fiesta Texas: The San Antonio branch of the Six Flags amusement park.  
11. Cradle of Texas Liberty, The: A nickname for San Antonio, due to its historical role in the wear for Independence from Mexico.  
12. San Antone: Nickname for San Antonio, usually restricted to non-residents.  
13. River City: A nickname for San Antonio, due to its proximity to the river, of course.  
14. Alamo City: A nickname for San Antonio, due to the proximity of the historical outpost.  
15. SA Town: A nickname for San Antonio (pronounced 'ess-ay', as one word).  
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