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Houston Words & Expressions

1. Texas' Tallest Fraternity: This was the alternate nickname for the "Phi Slama Jama" University of Houston Cougars basketball team from 1982 to...  
2. Quiosco: A gazebo-type structure with concrete columns built to resemble tree trunks  
3. Driving Etiquette: Stay to the right if driving at or below the speed limit, since people in the spread-out city of Houston drive fast...  
4. Chopped and Screwed: A slower version of Southern hip hop that includes techniques like beat skips and record scratches, originating in ...  
5. Washateria: This isn't actually Spanish, and isn't pronounced as such. It's actually an old Southern word for laundromat and it...  
6. Yous Ton: Southern vernacular pronunciation of Houston.  
7. Houstonian: Those that live in the city of Houston are called Houstonians.  
8. Galvo: Shorthand nickname for Galveston  
9. Heidi: It's howdy not heidi  
10. Panaderia: A Mexican bakery  
11. Oh we must be in Pasadena!: Uttered upon encountering something unexpected.  
12. Uptown: located west of downtown, it is home to many high fashion shops and expensive hotels.  
13. Midtown: A district southwest of Downtown, it is home to little Saigon and ground-zero for the city’s redevelopment project.  
14. Phi Slama Jama: Nickname for "The tallest fraternity in Texas." The Houston Cougars' basketball team from 1982 to 1984 featured exp...  
15. Space City: A nickname for Houston referring to the city’s NASA headquarters.  
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