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Houston Streets

1. 610 Loop: An often-congested stretch of highway surrounding Houston.  
2. Post Oak Boulevard: The street forming the center of the Uptown district of Houston  
3. Memorial Drive: A main road in western Houston, running from I-45 to State Highway 6 through several residential neighborhoods.  
4. Main Street: The downtown nightlife are, with clubs, bars and restaurants.  
5. Sam Houston Toll Road: Part of the main beltway that circles around the city of Houston (a toll road).  
6. Grand Parkway: Also known as State Highway 99 or the Outer Beltway  
7. Interstate 610: also known as “the loop,” Interstate 610 is a freeway that forms a loop around the downtown sector of city of Houst...  
8. Beltway 8: Officially the Texas State Highway Beltway or the Sam Houston Parkway, it forms a beltway around the city of Housto...  
9. Sam Houston Toll: This is a correction. The Sam Houston Tollway is not the same as 610. It is a toll road that creates a larger cir...  
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