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Houston Parks

1. Reliant Park: A sports complex in Houston on the 610 Loop, which hosts the Houston Texans football games.  
2. Rocket Park, The: A free, outdoor exhibit near the NASA space center where one can view the featured Saturn V rocket up close and per...  
3. Hermann Park: One of the most-visited public parks in Houston, located near Rice University and the Medical Center.  
4. Sam Houston Park: A public, historical park in downtown Houston, and the city's first.  
5. Tranquility Park: A public park in downtown Houston named for and modeled after the Apollo 11 moon mission in 1969; sandwiched betwee...  
6. Staiti House: One of the preserved historical homes in Sam Houston Park, this one originally owned by a Texas oil pioneer in the ...  
7. Eleanor Tinsley Park: Located within the city's greenbelt, this park in the Taft-Sabine area is the location of many major celebrations.  
8. Sesquicentennial Park: Located along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, Sesquicentennial is an urban park located in downtown Houston.  
9. Common, The: A gently sloping lawn and favorite gathering place in the newer section of the Sesquicentennial Park.  
10. Guadalupe Plaza: A park in the East End of Houston that celebrated the city's Hispanic culture and traditions.  
11. Hidalgo Park: A cultural center in the East End area, founded in 1927 and later purchased by neighborhood residents and revitaliz...  
12. Artpark, The: A section of Buffalo Bayou along the north bank featuring a variety of changing public art exhibits.  
13. Sabine-to-Bagby Promenade: A newer, 23-acre waterfront park with hiking and biking trails linking the Allen Parkway trails in the west with t...  
14. Garden Club of Houston Garden, The: In Sesquicentennial Park, the perfect picnic spot on the west bank.  
15. Dog Park, The: An informal meeting place for the city's dog owners, in Buffalo Bayou, around the 2700 block of the Allen Parkway.  
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