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Houston Food & Drink

1. Pandulce: A Mexican pastry that comes in many flavors, including peppermint.  
2. Saint Arnold Brewing Company: Billed as the "Oldest Craft Brewery" in Texas; they still produce ten kinds of beer and are open for public tours o...  
3. Tex-Mex: A type of regional cuisine featured prominently in Houston; blends American and Mexican culinary influences.  
4. Huevos Rancheros: Ranch-style eggs, served with salsa and tortillas  
5. Carnitas: Tex-Mex style pork roast  
6. Borracho: A stew-like dish made from beans, beer, pork, peppers.  
7. Texas Caviar: A type of relish made primarily from peppers, beans and onions.  
8. Star Bock Beer: A popular and locally brewed and distributed beer.  
9. Java Coffee & Tea Co.: Drink up the morning coffee at Java Coffee & Tea Co. to turn things around for the day. With a flavored fresh start...
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