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Houston Businesses

1. Rice Lofts: Formerly the Rice Hotel, where John F. Kennedy spent his final night before being assassinated.  
2. Sam, The: Local nickname for "The Sam Houston Hotel" on Prairie Street, two blocks from the ballpark.  
3. Magnolia, The: A snazzy high-rise hotel close to the Convention Center, geared towards business travelers.  
4. John Kirby and Augustus Chapman Allen: The founders of the city of Houston, two real estate entrepreneurs from New York City who purchased the land along ...  
5. Saint Arnold Brewing Company: Billed as the "Oldest Craft Brewery" in Texas; they still produce ten kinds of beer and are open for public tours o...  
6. Alley Theater, The: An indoor theatre on the west side of Houston, the Alley Theater is a popular venue for traveling musicians.  
7. Farmers Insurance - Ronald Myers: Just brought home a new car? Get in touch with us at Farmers Insurance - Ronald Myers to safeguard your prized poss...
8. Buyers Barricades Houston: We rent and sell barricades and traffic safety equipment. As a full-service provider, we’ll evaluate your project, ...  
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